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We offer a range of Locking screws with Torx and Hex Head options

The drive angle is the primary driving force behind why a Torx screw is able to handle more torque before cam out (head rounding off). A hex screw relies on a 60 degree angle while the Torx bit relies on a 15 degree angle. The significantly smaller drive angle forms a much tighter tolerance, which better distributes the concentration of force to all points and therefore allows for much higher torque values before rounding out.

We are proud to also offer two hybrid screw options. The 1520 and the 2024.

We believe this gives our customers more choice than others in screw selection and planning options. The 1520 has a 2.0mm screw head with a 1.5mm screw shaft, ideal for very small bones or bone fragments. These will fit in all our 2.0mm Locking plates. The 2024 range follows a similar idea but has a 2.0mm shaft and fits in all our 2.4mm and 2.7mm polyaxial and monoaxial locking plates.