N2 UK – Veterinary Instruments and Implants

Established in 2013, we are proud to be an independent, privately owned manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality orthopaedic and trauma care products.

We have thrived through listening to and working directly with surgeons worldwide, ensuring their expectations and ideas become a reality. We welcome personal visits to our facilities and any tests, trials and audits of our products and quality systems.

All our implants are manufactured in the UK.

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Why choose N2?

  • High Quality

  • Value for Money
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Access to New Innovative Products
  • Unique Surgical Specific Custom Plates
  • Products are manufactured from certified medical grade materials
  • Products are manufactured under an ISO quality management system
  • Products are finished and laser identified
  • Products are inspected to ISO:2859-1
  • Products are cleaned and passivated
  • Bioburden tests are carried out

All of our implants are manufactured in the UK

An introduction to N2

Veterinary Instruments

Extensive Range

We offer an extensive range of veterinary instruments and have access to a range far greater than we list in our catalogue. 

We continue to offer the Acculan power tool range and the impressive B Braun sterile storage system ranges. We now offer all our orthopaedic kits in both standard and premium options, all of which are fully modular and can be as bespoke as you need them to be. 

Every instrument we sell is 100% quality checked before we ship out by our dedicated quality assurance team. 

Veterinary Implants

Including Evolox

Our portfolio of implants includes: Internal Fixation, External Fixation, Pins & Wires, TPLO, TTA, Evolox Locking, Compression Plates, Cortical Screws, Locking Screws, Power tools, Dental instruments, Ophthalmic Instruments, Drills, Taps, and much more.

Additionally, they are manufactured from certified medical grade materials under an ISO quality management system; they are finished and laser identified; inspected to ISO:2859-1; cleaned and passivated ready for sterilisation; and bioburden tested to ensure a low CFU (colony forming unit) count is maintained.