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Biological Healing Plate


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Biological Healing Plates (Buttress Bridge Plates)

  • 2.0mm/2.7mm is 8mm wide by 2mm Thick
  • 3.5mm are 10.2mm wide by 3.2mm Thick Pre-contoured Profile
  • 3.5mm Broad are 11.5mm by 4.0mm Thick Pre-Contoured Profile
  • 4.5mm are 12mm by 4.0mm Thick Pre-Contoured Profile

A plate that prevents axial deformity or deviation as a result of shearing or bending forces (central portion of plate has no screw holes to increase plate strength). They are also used to splint or bridge a fracture area to maintain the length of the bone. They can be used in conjunction with lag screws and can maintain alignment of highly comminute segments of bone (a fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed into numerous pieces). Gaps in the bone may be present. When gaps are present, the plate with this type of fixation is subject to full loading. Therefore, every possible effort should be made to maintain soft tissue attachments and blood supply to the comminute fragments since union will depend on the formation of a callus bridge and not direct healing of the bone.

All Plates are made from Stainless Steel ISO 5832-1