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Thank you for coming to visit our new site. We will be opening the online shop on Monday 29th November to coincide with the official launch of our updated product range. Please do come back then.

To get a sneak preview please head over to the Catalogues page where you can download the new versions of our Implant and Instruments catalogues.

Why choose N2?

  • High Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Access to New Innovative Products
  • Unique Surgical Specific Custom Plates
  • Products are manufactured from certified medical grade materials
  • Products are manufactured under an ISO quality management system
  • Products are finished and laser identified
  • Products are inspected to ISO:2859-1
  • Products are cleaned and passivated
  • Bioburden tests are carried out

All of our implants are manufactured in the UK