Wires and Pins

Kirschner / Arthrodesis Pins and Wires
Unthreaded Kirschner Wires are supplied in several formats, Trocar point in which the tip is sharpened to a 3 facet point, Bayonet point which provides a spade drill for improved cutting, Triangular end to allow greater grip in the jaws of the drill, and Round end, plain finished with domed tip. Threaded, trocar
pointed wires are also available for use as guide wires.

Steinmann Pins
Used in skeletal traction for alignment and reduction of fractures,and with certain external fixation systems. Steinmann Pins are supplied either with a three facet trocar point or ‘spade drill type’ bayonet point. The ends of the pins are available either triangular or round.

Material for sizes up to Ø5.00mm = Stainless Steel ISO5832-1 XH (extra high) = 1400 N/mm2
Material for sizes over Ø5.00mm = Stainless Steel ISO5832-1 HI (high) = 1100 N/mm2