Orthopaedics & Joint

  • Drill Bits

    Drill Bits (1)

  • Screwdrivers

    Screwdrivers (18)

  • Driver Handles

    Driver Handles (3)

    Premium Quality Driver Handles. Silicon comfort handle available with either AO quick-release or Dental quick-release.
  • Bone Cutter - Liston

    Bone Cutter - Liston (6)

    Most commonly used type of bone cutter in the Veterinary industry.
  • Bone Plate Clips

    Bone Plate Clips (6)

    Safety pin clip to hold a range of one size of plate, the clips are labelled with the appropriate plate size
  • Bone Tunnel Borer

    Bone Tunnel Borer (4)

    Used to tunnel through the tibial tunnel.
  • Cerclage Button

    Cerclage Button (1)

    When screw placement is not suitable in 3.5mm compression plates a cerclage button can be added to maintain plate strength, the button has a groove in the head to allow it to be secured with cerclage wire.
  • Cerclage Orthopaedic Wire

    Cerclage Orthopaedic Wire (8)

  • Chuck and Handle

    Chuck and Handle (1)

    Used to insert pin by hand, fully autoclavable, Chuck will take pins up to 6mm in diameter
  • Combination Drill, Tap, Insert Sleeve

    Combination Drill, Tap, Insert Sleeve (5)

    Large end is used as clearance drill and tap, the small end is used as a pilot drill and fits inside the hole drilled in the larger hole making it the ideal instrument for Lag screw placement.
  • Cruciate Repair Line / Crimp / Needle

    Cruciate Repair Line / Crimp / Needle (14)

    Nylon Lateral Suture Line Packs - Monofilament Weights : 50lb used for <12kgs 80lb used for <20kgs 100lb used for <35kgs 100lb Double used for 35kg+
  • Depth Gauge

    Depth Gauge (4)

    Used to measure the depth of the hole. The gauge has a small prong on the tip that sits on the trans/far cortex
  • Disarticulators

    Disarticulators (2)

    Helpful instrument to loosen the femoral head from capsule and ligaments
  • Drill Guides Load/Neutral

    Drill Guides Load/Neutral (7)

    The guide has both compression and neutral holes to allow flexibility in screw replacement. The tips have a special end that fits into appropriate compression plates. Compression end is marked with an arrow.
  • E-Fibre UHMWPE

    E-Fibre UHMWPE (14)

    E-FIBER is a medical grade braided sterile surgical suture prepared from Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and Polyester. E-Fiber is a non absorbable braided suture that provides flexibility and strength superior to most other suture materials.
  • Fat Pad Retractor

    Fat Pad Retractor (2)

    Helps pull back the fat pad to improve sight of the medial meniscus.
  • Forceps - Bone Holding

    Forceps - Bone Holding (8)

    Various designs of Bone holders with ratchet, spinlock and self centering grips. Spinlock generally offer the best controlled feel.
  • Forceps - Fragment

    Forceps - Fragment (9)

    Bone holding forceps with jaws designed to engage a greater surface area of bone, greater traction can be safely applied.
  • Forceps - Kern

    Forceps - Kern (6)

    Special Bone holding forceps with jaws designed to fit round the bone and hold in place.
  • Forceps Crimping

    Forceps Crimping (3)

    A selection of crimping forceps to suit every budget
  • Gouge

    Gouge (5)

    Used for channeling or scooping bone
  • Graft Passer

    Graft Passer (5)

    Curved Graft passer is required when using the 'over the top technique' to help pull the graft through the stifle joint. When drilling hole allow enough space for material to be dragged through as well. A Straight Passer is useful for pulling the graft through bone tunnels. When drilling hole allow enough space for material to be dragged through as well.
  • Ikuta Clamp

    Ikuta Clamp (4)

    Ratchet instrument with prongs set apart to allow wires and screws to pass between them. These bone forceps are extremely useful in minimising the overriding of fragments or their slippage of patients less than 5kgs, the curved handle often allow better visualisation of the fracture site
  • Implant Cutters

    Implant Cutters (7)

    Selection of wire/implant cutters for all sizes and budgets.
  • Insert Sleeves

    Insert Sleeves (10)

    Internal diameter is set at the predrill size for the same screw size as the external measurement making it useful for Lag screwing.
  • Mallets

    Mallets (2)

    Stainless Steel Mallets 140g Mallet is ideal weight for Trochlea Block Sulcoplasty 300g Mallet is ideal for driving osteotome during Femoral head and neck excision
  • Meniscal Instruments

    Meniscal Instruments (13)

    Instruments designed to tidy up Meniscal tears.
  • Modular Osteotome

    Modular Osteotome (1)

  • OCD Curette

    OCD Curette (2)

    Designed to remove loose cartilage around OCD lesion
  • Osteo Paste

    Osteo Paste (2)

    Osteo Paste is an injectable bone substitute compound of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles in an aqueous suspension. Acts as a temporary osteocunductive scaffold for the in growth of viable bone and is not intended to provide structural support.
  • Osteo Putty

    Osteo Putty (2)

    Osteo Putty is an injectable bone substitute composed of Calcium Phosphate spherical like granules in a polymeric matrix based on chitosan. Acts as a temporary osteoconductive scaffold for the ingrowth of viable bone and is not intended to provide structural support.
  • Osteotomes

    Osteotomes (11)

    Small Length Osteotome for precisely cutting bone in a variety of procedures Larger alternative to the small length come with Swedish type handle
  • Parallel Action Pliers

    Parallel Action Pliers (1)

    Very useful kit for all orthopaedics, the teeth can hold and grab items such as pins or for contouring plates, the cutting blades on the top will cut pins and wires up to 2mm
  • Periosteal Elevators

    Periosteal Elevators (7)

    Very useful instruments for orthopaedic, spinal and dental work, with a range of tips to cover even the most delicate procedure.
  • Pin Grips

    Pin Grips (2)

    Jaws are thin to get into narrow areas and can be locked onto pins and wires massively increasing pulling strength
  • Plate Benders Evolox

    Plate Benders Evolox (3)

    Double ended benders with a slot for both the ball of the EV-OS Plates and one for the shaft allowing bending in every plane
  • Plate Benders Standard

    Plate Benders Standard (5)

    Comes as a pair and plates fit in the slots, twisting the handles gives the appropriate bending angles
  • Plate Bending Pliers

    Plate Bending Pliers (2)

  • Plate Holding - Forceps

    Plate Holding - Forceps (6)

    Two instruments in one, acts as holding forceps but also the tip fits inside the plate hole thus creating a drill guide and soft tissue protector.
  • Plate Press

    Plate Press (2)

    The easiest way to put big angles into plates is with the press by lots of smaller contours along its length. The plate is bent against the adjustable anvil for a spread force effect.
  • Plate/Screw Forceps

    Plate/Screw Forceps (2)

    For picking implants out of kits, forcep type instruments. these allow easy selection of implants and minimise blood contamination of your tray
  • Reduction Forceps

    Reduction Forceps (6)

    Very similar to Fragment forceps in design, available with a specially designed spinlock to help with bone reduction
  • Retractor - Balfour

    Retractor - Balfour (3)

    The standard veterinary retractor for abdominal work. Available in 3 sizes to cover most veterinary needs. Commonly used veterinary retractor has two movable blades on the horizontal and vertical axis that can be locked into position.
  • Retractor - Gelpi

    Retractor - Gelpi (10)

    N2 carry 3 types of Gelpi retractor, straight, long reach and curve. Straight refers to the shaft being straight and inline with the handles. Curved is where the shaft is curved so the tips are lower than the handles and long reach refers to the tips that are angled downwards so they sit much lower in the incision. Odd leg Gelpis are supplied in a pair with the opposing tips on each being long and short, this allows the surgeon to create a rectangular shaped site to work in.
  • Retractor - Gosset

    Retractor - Gosset (1)

    Less intrusive than the Balfours makes it a useful kit for more specialist procedures
  • Retractor - Hohman

    Retractor - Hohman (10)

    Designed for retracting tissues around bone for a clear site of the working area or manipulating bone into position.
  • Rongeur Curved

    Rongeur Curved (6)

    Used for nibbling bone
  • Stifle Distractors

    Stifle Distractors (6)

    Similar to the Gelpi but the tips overlap to create a small spread size ideal for joints such as the knee. Supplied in either Ratchet or Spinlock options.
  • Stifle Lever

    Stifle Lever (1)

    Designed for larger dogs to fit around the trochlea and helps expose the medial meniscus.
  • Suture Tensioning Forceps

    Suture Tensioning Forceps (2)

  • Tissue Protection Sleeves

    Tissue Protection Sleeves (6)

    Protects tissues around the area you are drilling/tapping. Eg. bone tunnels for toggling and drilling in deep spaces such as acetabularly and through the femoral neck during placement of hip toggles.
  • Toothed Halstead Forceps

    Toothed Halstead Forceps (2)

    The tips have a rat tooth design particularly useful for grasping ligaments or cartilage.
  • TPLO Instruments

    TPLO Instruments (5)

  • TTA Instruments

    TTA Instruments (2)

  • Volkmann's Scoop

    Volkmann's Scoop (7)

    Useful instrument for harvesting bone or debriding devitalised tissue. Double ended version offers great value where a single ended instrument gives good grip control with its solid handle.
  • Webb Bolt Spanners

    Webb Bolt Spanners (4)

  • Webb Bolts

    Webb Bolts (4)

    Consider using these when humeral transcondylar screws strip out
  • Wire Contouring Pliers

    Wire Contouring Pliers (1)

    Small nosed pliers that are used to shape wires. There is a small cutter to trim soft wires if required.
  • Wire Passers

    Wire Passers (3)

    Used for passing wires around bones whilst causing minimal tissue damage.
  • Wire Pin/Bender

    Wire Pin/Bender (1)

    Has a hole in each end that fit a range of pins up to 2mm allowing wires and pins to be bent over after insertion, securing it better to the bone.
  • Wire Twister Cutters

    Wire Twister Cutters (2)

    Strong needle holder type instrument with serrated grip for holding and twisting wire and a cutting edge for trimming the wire when required. The TC jaw version offers extra tool life whereas the standard version offers an extra hole behind the jaws for the wire to pass through TC = Tungsten Carbide
  • Wire/Pin Punch

    Wire/Pin Punch (1)

    Used with a mallet, end has a small pointed tip that is used to drive the wire/pin end that is sticking out into the bone once it has been cut.
  • Wire/Pin Storage

    Wire/Pin Storage (11)

    A selection of storage options for pins and wires. Designed to fit a selection of Kirschner wires in the tubes with space as well for wire bender and pin punch allowing all the kit to be stored and autoclaved together. The size 12 is the same size as the 6 but the storage tubes are split into 2 sections.

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